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Up for Air publishing February 11, 2021!

What I’m Writing

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Who I Am

Despite a passion for fiction, so far my success as a writer has come from writing non-fiction.

I write all of the content for All Things Cherokee, a respected resource for Cherokee genealogy and cultural information. I started the site in 1998, and today it boasts a Facebook following of over 280K.

And then there's Pleasant Valley Ranch, a comedy (at times, dramedy) DIY blog which has tracked the thirteen-year progress of remodeling an old house in east Austin, and how my husband and I have managed to stay married anyway.

Also, in my current capacity as VP of Production & Operations at GigaOm, I've written several articles which appear on GigaOm, as well as Inc., Business Insider, and The Guardian. I also get to produce the popular podcast Voices in AI.

The Important Details

I have the same birthday as Lenny Bruce and Fox Mulder.
I've lived in Austin since 1995.
I'm a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.
I have a BA in History from the University of Texas at Austin.
I swim at Barton Springs, drink Kraken rum, and like to take pictures (all of the photos on the site are mine).


I write romantic stories, yes, but I hesitate to call them romance. I prefer "feminist romance."

Sure, there are plenty of sex scenes, but consent is always key. And respect is just as sexy as physical attraction in these stories.

I try to find room for humor in everything I write. I like to write characters who are hopeful and likable, flaws and all, bringing light-heartedness to some heavy subject matter.

The genres may change, but these overarching themes remain the same.


Contact Me

christina at christinaberry dot com